Animal & Chicken Feed

For the past 10 years Mabhele Chickens Feeds has been the first choice Layer, Broiler and Pig feed producer in Gauteng, Mpumahlanga, Limpopo and KZN provinces.

FEED (50 Kg) MinimumOrder 20 Bags of 50Kg

Mabhele Chickens Feeds has established itself on the foundation of quality and service is the cornerstone to our business. At Mabhele Chickens  we pride ourselves on walking hand in hand with all farmers and distributors no matter their size or knowledge levels.

Mabhele Chickens Feeds dynamic management team has more than 200 years of experience between them in the poultry industry, with this experience we have been able to produce some of the best feeds on the current market where profitability and affordability take centre stage in our feed company.

Mabhele Chickens feed mill in situated in Gauteng, where we have a production capacity of 10000 tons per month.

This production is divided between Mabhele Chickens own feed requirements and that of external sales.

Animal & Chicken Feed. These sales are made up by Bulk feed as well as bagged 50kg feed. Our bagged products are manufacture in Eloff where we currently produce 3000 tons of bagged products/ month. Mabhele Chickens sells directly to the public in South Africa.

Mabhele Chickens Feeds depends heavily on our relationship that we have with our distributors, these agents are based around the country and ensure that our brand is distributed timeously to our valuable clients.

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