Hamburg Chicken

The Hamburg chicken variety originates from the Netherlands.  


Hamburgh, Black Female


Hamburgh, Silver Spangled Male


Soft feather – light


Several colours; black with a green sheen, silver or gold spangled or pencilled varieties all with white ear lobes.

hough small, these active birds are well renowned for their ability to lay up to 220 eggs a year, and also a good feed-to-egg ratio and quick maturation. There are approximately 10 popular breeds of the Hamburg variety, some include the silver and golden spangled variety. The Hamburg display a high tendency to be nervous around people. Though ornamental in nature, the Hamburg  is an efficient forager, however eggs produced are often quite small.

Chickens Vaccinated According To Prescribed Program Up To Selling Age.
Vaccinated against Newcastle, Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Mareks,
Infectious Laryngo Trancheitis (ILT), Folw Pox, Egg Drop Syndrome,
Epidemic Tremor, Infectious Coryza, Gumboro Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle disease at hatchery.

Point of Lay-hens Dual purpose, free ranging chicken with laying capabilities as well as a large structure for meat production. Should have a normal physical structure and shape and free from any diseases or defects. A caramel/brown shade of feathers, with white feathers in a pattern around their necks, and white feathers at the tips of their tail feathers appearance.

Cock1.8 – 2.3 Kg
Hen1.8 Kg
Cockerel2.0 Kg
Pullet1.75 Kg

Rooster680 – 790 g
Hen620 – 740 g

Egg Colour


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