Live Broilers Chickens

Selling of live chickens to wholesalers. To source products for wholesalers so that they are be able to sell fresh quality products to their customers without traveling far distances to get the products. Different type of live chickens; Culls (Hardbody) Broilers ( Soft body) Rocks Cocks Ducks’

Chicken / Broilers

More than 3000 Chickens available weekly.
Great value!!

R30.00 each Stock Price
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Fresh Slaughtered hardbody chickens
Every thing included. From head to toe

R40 each Stock Price.

Live hardbody chickens on a daily basis available

R35.00 each Stock Price
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R900 per box of 360 eggs
R2,50 per egg

Fresh Constant Supply
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Medium R30 per tray (30eggs)
Large R35 per tray (30eggs)

Fresh farm eggs.

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