The Silkie is an Asian bird that makes a great pet due to its stunning appearance and great gentle nature.


Silkie, White Clipped Female


Silkie, Male


Soft feather – light


Black, blue, gold, grey, white, partridge with the plumage being silky and fluffy

Their feathers are distinctively fluffy, and as a consequence they must always be sheltered from the elements as their feathers are not waterproof. Though they are poor egg layers (approximately 120 eggs per year) they are generally broody birds and are often used to hatch eggs from other breeds. The Silkie is light weight for a non-bantam breed, but there is a miniature variety. They have five toes on each foot (most chickens have four), with the outer two toes feathered. Their skin, beak, bones and meat are atypically bluish-black in colour. There is a bearded variety with defined ear buff and beard. In Australia there are breeders of six different Silkie varieties.


Cock1.8 Kg
Hen1.4 Kg

Miniature Silkie

Rooster600 g
Hen500 g

Egg Colour

Tinted or cream

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